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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge to place courses on the myicourse™ site and/or create an online college? No, it’s free for those who wish to provide free courses. Really, it’s free! We believe everyone should have the ability to teach others. Not all worthwhile information resides inside the walls of brick and mortar schools. We believe education should not have barriers. Please refer to the pricing tab located on the landing page for charges that may apply when higher levels of functionality or utilization.

Can I charge people to take my course? You bet. If you create a myicourse™ college, you can create courses which are free, or which require payment. After the course is authored, you determine the price you feel equates with the knowledge you are trying to convey to others. Many myicourse™ users have generated large revenue streams by selling their created intellectual properties to others.

How does myicourse™ make money? Those who provide free courses are able to use myicourse™ at no cost. myicourse™ is supported by users that choose to utilize the highest levels of myicourse™ functionality. Those sites that use myicourse™ for commerce are charged a monthly subscription fee to access the credit card processing interface. Those site owners who sell courses are charged 10% of the sale price. For a more detailed description, please refer to the pricing tab located at the top of the homepage.