Host a “Public” College

Make your courses available to everyone on the internet
Number of CoursesFREE / Unlimited
Number of StudentsFREE / Unlimited
Number of Course ViewingsFREE / Unlimited
If you choose to charge users for courses, we get 10% *
Creating a myicourse “public” college is always free. There is no charge or limits to the number of “courses” created within a college, the number of students in your college or the number of times a course is viewed.
A 10% royalty is charged when a “public” college owner elects to charge for their created course offerings. If you charge, we get 10%. Other than that, it’s free!

Host a “Private” College

Make your courses available to a selected group of people
Price/month Free** $50 $100 $250
Students 0-100 101-500 501-2,500 2,501-10,000
0-100 101-500 501-2,500 2,501-10,000

Additional Features

Add-on services available for your customized college
Banner Ad Removal
Completely remove Banner Ads from your online college, for cleaner visual presentation

$25 /month
Custom Banner Ads
Lease out advertising space on your online college, to generate additional revenue

$35 /month
Custom Certificates
Issue official personalized certificates to students on course completion. Try it free for a month!

$25 /month
Ready to create your own college?

Terms & Conditions
$10/month subscription allows insertion of PayPal Web Payment Pro or PayPal Web Payment Standard gateway & credentials for credit card purchases on your myicourse learning site. (For more detailed description click here)
Myicourse collects 10% of list/retail price, regardless of actual sales price and allows 15 100% discounted (free) courses per site owner/site per calendar year. After all 15 100% discount codes have been used, maximum available discount code is 90% to enable myicourse to collect its 10% fee. Myicourse software detects attempts to circumvent payment of course sales fees. Any suspected circumvention will result in a single warning notice to the site owner’s email address with instructions to cease all circumvention. Myicourse reserves the right to take off line any or all courses or sites of site owners who continue circumventing payment of course sales fees.
Pricing is based on the combination of number of students and course assignments made per month. For example, 48 registered students with 2 courses assigned in a month (48 x 2 = 98), would be '<'100, and therefore free.